A Ferrari at the next Beijing-Paris

There will also be a Ferrari at the next Beijing-Paris, scheduled from June 2 to July 7 next year. It will be lined up by two mature drivers at the starting line under the Great Wall who can, however, boast respectable rally records: Giorgio Schon and Enrico Guggiari.

The model chosen was a Ferrari 308 Gt4, the first car in the history of the Maranello company to adopt the V8 scheme with a 2826 cc mid-engine. Dual-shaft distribution, four dual-bodied carburettors that deliver 255 hp. Independent wheel suspension, four self-ventilating disc brakes, five-speed manual transmission with self-locking differential.

This model is the only Ferrari designed by Bertone: four homologated seats and a discreet boot, essential for storing spare parts, two spare wheels, curtains and sleeping bags, personal effects. The preparation will be handled directly by Rossocorsa with the support of the company, on the basis of past experience gained on the 308 GTB group 4 Michelotto and 308 Gt4 Marzio Kravos, former Classic Safari.
Next year, 111 crews with cars built up to 1975 from 22 different countries were accepted at Peking-Paris (entries already closed in the spring of 2017). From Beijing we will head immediately north, towards nowhere in Mongolia, the most gruelling and difficult part of the race that will develop along 16 thousand kilometers, with special stages almost every day in the most inaccessible points of the route: Gobi Desert, Altai region, Siberian tracks. Leningrad, Helsinki, Baltic republics, Masuri lakes, with the arrival party in place Vendôme, in Paris.

After the victory in 1907 of Prince Scipione Borghese over Itala, it could be the right time to finally repeat – thanks to this Ferrari of Schon-Guggiari – a success that has been missing for 112 years.

Giorgio Schon, 72, graduated in economics, worked in haute couture for the family group where his mother, Mila Schon, represented one of the most quoted Italian designers. After selling the brand, Schon developed Rossocorsa, the Ferrari and Maserati dealer that is the most important reality in the sector in Europe. He raced for 23 years, winning four Italian titles on the track and a tour of Italy. He has participated in eight Monte Carlo rallies, nine Targa Florio races and 33 World Championship races, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Since 1982 he has been racing with historic cars (Alfa Romeo GTA and TZ Lotus Elan and 23, Cortina Lotus etc.) and has won two European Championships. He participated in the last edition of Beijing-Paris with an Alfa Romeo Giulia Super.

Enrico Guggiari, 71 years old, former CEO of the Veolia Group, was Italian water-skiing champion from 1970 to 1972, European champion in 1973. He started racing with the Autobianchi A112 Abarth trophy at the 1976 Sanremo rally. He has participated as a priority driver in several Italian rally championships. He raced with Lancia Montecarlo, Fiat 131 Abarth and Ferrari 308 GTB. He won with the BMW M3 the “group N” in Hong Kong-Pechino. He participated five times in the Tour de France at the wheel of the Ford Shelby and Ferrari 308 Pioner.

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