On 19 December 2015 a splendid party inaugurated the test area 4×4 of Tamai di Brugnera in the province of Pordenone, an idea of ​​the amateur sports association JES born almost by chance, but which immediately found the approval of the Administration in the first place Comunale di Brugnera, whom we thank for the availability and of course many off-road enthusiasts in the north east including: the SANTERNO and MABE4x4 CINGHIALI with their very well prepared Land from Rovigo, the OFF-ROAD CLUB PORDENONE and the TOP srl with Mauro Tavella , Moro Alessandro and Bruno Bavaresco, with whom JES has long collaborated for the assistance of the Italian Baja, the FRIULI OFFROAD with Commensatti and Gallina, co-organizers of one of the major Italian Extreme Championships XTC, the CLUB TOLMEZZO 4X4 and FUORISTRADAWEB .it with Giusy Concina and Mario Ravaccia who tell us, through, all the world races of the Cross Country Rally, the GFI 4×4 with the omnipresent and very nice Mar ino Toss, the new and young group of MALGALIVI that follow us and support in our initiatives, friends and active offroader of the CLUB SVALVOLATI 4×4, the MONTEGRAPPA OFF ROAD, historic club 4×4 of Possagno (TV), the “old glories” of the CLUB OUTLET CONEGLIANO who have impressed us with the unexpected performance of the beautiful white UNIMOG and the traveler FENNECH DESERT TEAM.The presence of 11 clubs despite the pre-Christmas period and so much public was a welcome surprise for all of us and certainly gives us a positive sign of interest for this sport sometimes discussed by the less knowledgeable, but that for years is and remains a pillar of safety, protection, tourism, knowledge of the environment that surrounds us and healthy friendship.We also thank the presence of RM CUSTOM by Romeo Manzan, the magazine CRUISIN with Moreno and SHOCK ABSORBERS PIAVE.Do not forget the delicious panettos with bacon and / or onion prepared by Alex Piccinin, the help of his friend Patty and the delicious chestnuts of Roberto.The 4×4 test area will remain available to all members and anyone who wants to test his off-road or spend a weekend with friends. For now we started with some small traces, but given the interest, we will try in the near future to set it up with other attractions.

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