Lipsia 29/05/ 2014. Ore 18:00

After a car journey of 890 km we find ourselves in the small town of Leipzig in Germany. We are doing the evening and a beautiful sunset accompanies us on our arrival in the charming German town of the Saxony region.

We came up here to see a race very different from those organized in the circuits of the various championships, where sport and entertainment are the basic rules and all the competitors are welcome, just have a roll-bar and the lights working and you can run . The regulation provides for different categories, as many as 8, and therefore everyone can participate: 4 categories for motorcycles, quads and sidecars, cars weighing up to 3.5t and up to 2.0lt; cars weighing up to 3.5t and over 2.0lt; trucks with weight from 3.5 to 7.5t and trucks over 7.5t weight in race trim. The parterre of the parecipantes is very varied and colorful. The assistance village is full of tents and campers everywhere. There are also those who sleep in the open air under a sky of stars. The actual competition days were two, Friday and Saturday, while Thursday was the day of the checks, which lasted for a long time considering the total number of participants: 600. The presentation of the vehicles in the hundred citizen of Zeitz started under a sky pumbleo and a few drops of rain. The track is built within a vast mining area in Elstertrebnitz, 36km long with 5 check points, to be covered 4 times in the first day of competition; while on the second day, it provided a slightly shorter track of 33km to be covered 4 more times, slightly modified due to very bad weather conditions. The total of km leads to 300 miles of competition, that’s why this name. The participants departed on batteries of 5 vehicles, with accelerates worthy of departures from formula one, even for vehicles that represented epochs now far away. Being a mixed track, there was a bit ‘of everything, from the stretches in the woods, to the narrow tracks up to large dirt roads where overcoming the full throttle, and especially so much mud, and a black coal powder, which made the ‘surreal atmosphere. In fact, after the first km of the race, the pilots were no longer recognized, each one covered by a thick layer of mud. Some returned to the base camp were washed directly with the pressure washer directly with their vehicle. The organization did a really big job, and the result was very positive, both for the logistics and for the beauty of the competition.

A 3 days in the name of the fun and friendship that is established among the participants who help even in case of need, such as to pull a camper with a truck remained mired in the paddock.

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