Cruise in the Dominican Republic to swim with whales

In the Dominican Republic, you can now swim with whales on a special cruise tour: an almost otherworldly experience, to get in touch with extraordinary animals.

Seeing a whale up close is something that doesn’t happen every day. For this reason, the tour operator Aquatic Adventures has decided to organize one-week excursions to allow its customers to live an unforgettable experience. Trips that have nothing to do with those spread through Instagram, on the contrary: they are inspired by the concept that often and willingly nature surpasses technology.

The boat – 124 meters long – leaves from Puerto Plata, a seaside town with direct flights from the United States. It operates from January to April, coinciding with the humpback whale season. In this period thousands of whales travel to the warmest waters around Hispaniola; the crew on board is experienced and able to support every traveler according to their needs. Many members of the team have a degree in marine biology and do everything possible to ensure that guests are comfortable both on and off the boat. The ship has 10 cabins, each of which has a private bathroom with running hot water (a real advantage for those sleeping in the open sea).

Twice a day, weather permitting, the crew takes guests on two 25-foot boats to explore the Silver Bank, a submerged bank in the Atlantic Ocean. Experts push the observers into a real world of whales: each one has the task of identifying them and possibly heading in their direction to take a closer look. When a whale seems inclined to human company, a crew member dives into the water and then gives the go-ahead to the guests. Through the Passive In-Water Whale Encounter technique, you can approach the whales with non-aggressive movements and – equipped with fins and snorkel mask – you can swim next to the humpback whales and admire their movements.

Often you can also see countless acrobatic performances from inside the boat. Many have witnessed the screwing of whales and the so-called “lobtail”, when the cetacean slaps the water. In addition to this incredible experience, the cruise also offers the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes and be pampered by a friendly and fun staff. Among the dishes not to be missed are slow-cooked pork shoulder carnitas, burritos and avocado toast.

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