Ford EcoSport

The new Ford EcoSport combines the advantages of compact cars, such as practicality, accessibility and efficiency, with the typical qualities of SUVs: versatility, comfort and plenty of space available.

Elegant, robust and rich in connectivity technology, the new EcoSport is the first SUV available also with the EcoBoost 1.0 3-cylinder, the Engine of the Year 2012 and 2013.

It is also one of the first Ford cars equipped with the AppLink technology, a SYNC function that allows to use in the car, through advanced voice commands, famous apps such as TomTom and Spotify, to bring their digital life in the car while keeping the eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel.

The EcoSport is the first Ford global vehicle designed in South America. The 1st generation, founded in 2003, has in fact created a new segment in Brazil, where it has been sold in over 770,000 units. Ford engineers from 16 countries worked on the 2nd generation, now available in Europe, bringing on board the great global experience that Ford boasts in the SUV segment. According to the projections, between 2013 and 2018 the European SUV market will grow by 22%. In the same period, the compact SUV segment will grow by 90%. The EcoSport is added to the Ford offer of European SUVs that already includes the new Kugae that will complement the Edge, a SUV of a larger size and category, already very popular in North America and other global markets.
Practical and fascinating

The style of the new EcoSport conveys the character of Ford’s global compact SUV,
made of elegance, versatility and practicality. The front projects a certain line
and imposing, with the bonnet that is fluidly linked to the front uprights, the enveloping headlights
with LED technology and a large chromed trapezoidal front grille.
Also available with 17-inch alloy wheels, chrome-plated roof rails, electric mirrors and fog lights with a chrome-plated profile, the new EcoSport has been designed with great attention to detail. For example, the tailgate handle is integrated into the right rear light and symmetrically positioned in relation to the left headlight reversing light, keeping the rear line clean and balanced.
The spare wheel mounted on the tailgate allows the EcoSport to offer a capacity of
load in the trunk that reaches 375 liters, higher than many compact family cars.
Inside there are 20 storage compartments of different shapes and sizes,
like the pockets in the doors, the drawers, one of which is refrigerated, and the drink holders. Comfort a
edge is completed with the possibility of adjusting the inclination of the rear seats and of
fully configure the position of the steering wheel and the height of the driver’s seat.
Sporty, accessible and efficient

The new EcoSport is the first SUV also available with the EcoBoost 1.0 3-cylinder,
the Engine of the Year 2012 and 2013, which boasts the power and brilliance of an engine of
higher displacement, but with the efficiency and emissions typical of a reduced volume.
The 125 hp EcoBoost 1.0 achieves an efficiency of 5.3 l / 100km, with 125 g / km of CO2 *.
It is also available with a 112 horsepower, 6.3 l / 100 km and 149 Duratec 1.5 petrol engine
g / km of CO2, with 5-speed manual transmission (7.9 l / 100 km with transmission
6-speed automatic.
A 90-horsepower TDCi 1.5 diesel with high efficiency, with 4.6 l / 100 km and 120 g / km of emissions, completes the range of engines,
Technology and connectivity

The EcoSport is available with the Ford SYNC connectivity system, which allows
to use advanced voice commands with phones, smartphones and connected music players
via Bluetooth and USB.
The SYNC is equipped with the Emergency Assistance function, which in the event of an accident calls
automatically the 112 signaling the happened and communicating the position of the vehicle.
The AppLink technology, which is equipped with the new EcoSport, allows you to check also
a series of popular apps via voice commands. The list of apps supported by AppLink
is constantly growing, and currently includes music streaming services
of Spotify, the TomTom satellite navigator, and the app, which allows you to
book a hotel during a trip by consulting a database of over 145,000
facilities in more than 19,000 destinations worldwide.
On board the EcoSport will also be available on the start uphill assistance (HLA)
cruise control, automatic headlights and wipers and parking sensors.
A city-sized SUV

During the tests, EcoSport has been subjected to over 20,000 simulations in environments of
virtual reality that reproduced the characteristics of the streets and cities of the whole
world. It has also been driven for 2 million kilometers in South America, North America,
Asia and Europe, at temperatures from -25 to 50 degrees, and up to 4,300 meters altitude.
The agility and versatility of the EcoSport ensure safety and reliability in each condition, from the narrowest urban roads to the country dirt roads, overcoming without uncertainty and irregularity. The turning circle of only 10.65 meters, at the top of the category, allows precise maneuvers even in confined spaces. The ground clearance of 20 cm, the angolodi attack of 22.1 °, the angle of exit of 35 ° and the height of ford of 55 cm assure the EcoSport the ability to live up to any situation that it is expected by an SUV. The new EcoSport is equipped as standard with front airbags for driver and passenger (deactivable), airbags for the driver’s knees, as well as front and side curtain airbags. The frame is made of alloys of high-strength steel. In particular, the high-security protection cell uses special steels. Safety and protection technologies include traction control, electronic stability program, electronic braking distribution, assistance with emergency braking and tire pressure monitoring.

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