Ford Mondeo, Wagon Hybrid e EcoBlue Diesel

Wagon and hybrid together, for the first time. Diesel, with the EcoBlue in three power levels and all with SCR. Ford Mondeo 2019 announces itself from the Brussels Motor Show, announces the Mondeo Wagon Hybrid, above all. After the four-door, the Atkinson Cycle Gas engine and electric motor-generator formula extends to the station wagon, with the same values ​​of power and torque, a system of 187 horses and 173 Nm with the electric unit powered by the ion battery. lithium, from 1.4 kWh. Consumption declared in 4.4 liters / 100 km and 101 g / km of CO2 emitted.Hybrid driving, at best, is to adapt the style to the steering wheel and the Ford Smart Gauge with Break Coach becomes the assistant that suggests and helps to take advantage of the decelerations in an intelligent way, phases from which regenerative braking can recover up to 90% of the otherwise dispersed energy.The introduction of the hybrid engine on the Mondeo Wagon is flanked by the renewal of the Diesel offer. The 2.0 EcoBlue is diversified into three power levels, all with exhaust after-treatment by SCR: 120, 150 and 190 horsepower. The last two lead to the debut a new 8-speed automatic transmission, equipped with adaptive operating logics, thanks to which – depending on the route, the presence of climbs, descents, curves – the electronic adapts the relationship for a long time to the advantage of fluidity on the road, as well as the smoothness of gear changes improves the Adaptive Shift Quality Control, based on the driving style adopted.Sedan and station wagon are the paradigm of the tireless E-road racers, kilometers driven by the Diesel 2.0 120 and 150 horses are covered with a consumption of 4.5 liters / 100 km, the 190 horses 4.9 liters / 100 km. Motorizations destined to take the lion’s share, together with the Hybrid on which Ford expects preferences close to 50% of the total sales of the sw. Do not miss the (confirmed) proposed turbo 1.5 liter EcoBoost, from 165 horses, as is confirmed the alternative of the four-wheel drive to front-wheel drive.Said of the stylistic devices, especially on the front, made on the Titanium, ST-Line and Vignale fittings, Mondeo is renewed (and enriched) on board. On the tunnel, more space thanks to the roller selector of the 8-speed automatic transmission, while the Hybrid Wagon can take advantage of an electric air conditioning compressor.The progress made on driving assistance systems bring adaptive cruise control with a stop & go function, able – if the stop lasts less than 3 seconds – to restart and regain speed. In addition, you will need to activate the automatic restart from the Resume button on the steering wheel. Next to the adaptive cruise, the Intelligent Speed ​​Limiter debuts with signage recognition, a device based on images taken by the camera and able to reduce the speed in the presence of limits lower than the pace, bringing the car back to the previous speed once the limit.

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