Gentlemen of the ramps – Asiago Extreme


The planned Hannibal African anticyclone brought a serene day on the Asiago airfield allowing the development of the Venetian stage of the Freestlye Tour 2012. Thanks to the organization of Two Points Events, the “gentlemen of the ramps” performed in front of a crowd of fans and curious , families, children and youngsters come to admire the acrobatic riders of the “X-Fighters” circuit.
There are nine guys who make up the Da Boot Team project, coordinated by ex-rider Alvaro dal Farra. Six of them are fmx riders: Massimo Bianconcini, Vanni Oddera, Lenardo Fini, Maurizio Poggiana, Luca Zironi and Kevin Ferrari. The other three members of the group have instead performed in the saddle of their quads: Hugo Arriazu, Dan Serblin and Luca Bertola. Together with them the guest of exception, Jason Cesco, the only Italian to perform with a snowmobile.
Only a little wind at the end of the day held back the jumps but the nine acrobats did not fail to surprise with their one-hand, no hander, no footer, helicopter, lazy-boy, frontflip and the highly acclaimed backflip, or the most practiced tricks in freestyle.With the Da Boot team also some aircraft from various regions and several European States have completed the magical party.

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