Lord of Ramps – Villafranca di Verona

Saturday, June 9th at 9.00 pm the third and last stage of the “Freestyle Tour 2012 – The Lords of the Ramps” took place.
The show of acrobatic freestyle performed by the best riders in the world, coming from the Redbull X-Fighters circuit, which gave a show of their uniqueness during the world tour in prestigious locations like the Plaza de Toros in Madrid and the Flaminio stadium in Rome.
The prestigious location is the lawn inside the fortress of Villafranca di Verona. A suggestive frame supported by an excellent lighting service that has made the atmosphere eletrica.Since the opening of the gates at 19.00 the arena has begun to fill up with the Pit Party from 8.00 pm. The Da Boot team is coordinated by ex-rider Alvaro dal Farra and is composed of 6 fmx riders: Massimo Bianconcini, Vanni Oddera, Leonardo Fini, Maurizio Poggiana, Luca Zironi and Kevin Ferrara; there are also 3 quad riders: Hugo Arriazu, Dan Serblin and Luca Bertola. Special guest Jason Cesco, who will perform with a snowmobile
.During the evening they alternated with suspenseful quarters, supported by a mobile launching ramp. The body of dance has surrounded the performances with sparkling choreography. Inside the location there were some refreshment points, which offered sandwiches, chips, beer and cold drinks.

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