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One of the first to launch the premium SUV concept, Mercedes-Benz is launching a new edition of the GLE model. A Sport Utility Vehicle that “borders” in the field of assisted driving, as well as that of innovative infotainment, where everything is within reach. The enthusiasm on the part of the men of the three-pointed Star is palpable since their declarations. “The new GLE is more comfortable than ever on the road, confirming its superiority in off-road use. As a demonstration of our commitment to reaffirming our role as a forerunner in the SUV segment, “said Ola Källenius, head of the Daimler AG Group’s Research Division and of the Mercedes-Benz Cars Development Division. “The much more spacious interior, the new controls, the driver assistance systems greatly expanded and refined, together with the best aerodynamics in the segment, the new range of engines and the numerous innovations that reinforce this ambition”.
Now each new model brings to the debut a series of innovations that are no longer exclusive to the flagship Class S. So in some ways even GLE becomes a reference car, when the discussion focuses on technological issues.

Design has evolved, but style is bound to the typical features of the past. The side view is the closest to the last generation of the Suv GLE. While the “front-back” passage signals the most original elements of the new stylistic course. As usual, the optical groups are the component that makes the difference. Especially when you can rely on Multibeam Led technology, which employs a sort of matrix, consisting of several light segments, able to adapt the light beam according to the specific driving situation. The system is also equipped with the Ultra Range high beam, whose range exceeds 650 meters. The advent of the new model did not produce significant changes in dimensions. But the 80-mm-long wheelbase (2,995 total length) helped to make space on board more voluminous and to reduce jolts. So the new GLE seems more compact and streamlined, also thanks to the teardrop shape of the rear lights. A section that shows the wide “shoulders” of the car, in which the double chromed exhaust terminal (one on each side) is inserted, which delimits the area of ​​the air diffuser. The athletic and massive aspect of GLE is also ensured by the presence of alloy rims ranging from 18 to 22 inches in diameter.

Important measures, as important are the innovations that distinguish the interior. That is no longer just the place appointed to accommodate the occupants, but becomes a real multimedia center, where connectivity with the outside world is the master. The dashboard is equipped with two 12.3-inch screens each. The one positioned at the center of the dashboard is touch and provides substantially the majority of the functions related to the infotainment. The program behind this hardware is the new MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). The graphics can be declined according to four different ways: classic, sporty, modern and essential. The interaction is further facilitated by the presence of voice commands, which can be activated by saying the expression “Hey Mercedes”. In this technological vortex, however, there is space for the versatility that is expected from a car with the size of the new GLE.

A theme, that of the sessions, useful not only to count the passengers of GLE, but also to tell of a new dimension linked to ride comfort. In fact, the front seats can be equipped with the Energizing system. It is not just about having a massage seat, but the availability of a real training program, even if you are driving. The comfort of the new GLE corresponds to a renewed and obviously more efficient engine family. On the occasion of the launch, however, it will be only the petrol unit named 450, obviously equipped with the 4MATIC all-wheel drive, to have the role of absolute protagonist. The presence of the 48 Volt on-board network is a constant. In fact it is a technology that allows the GLE 450 to be classified as a mild hybrid car. The six-cylinder in line of the Star processes 367 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque, plus an additional 250 Nm of torque and 22 hp of power available for a short time thanks to the EQ Boost. This is an integrated alternator-starter, which among other things also boasts the energy recovery function.

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