Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show

has been presented at HQ Pirelli Auditorium in Milan, with the eagerly awaited motor show taking place from June 18th to 21st 2020 with 40 Car Companies and 500,000 visitors expected. Alongside Andrea Levy, President and project creator, and Angelo Sticchi Damiani, ACI President, were Attilio Fontana, President of Lombardy Region, Giuseppe Sala, Milan Mayor, and Dario Allevi, Monza Mayor, plus Pirelli Group CEO, Marco Tronchetti Provera, who started the presentation.
The heart of the event will be Monza Racetrack, where car companies will show their latest projects and car lovers will be spoiled for choice among Formula 1 parades and motorsport icons, test drives of every engine type, classic automobile exhibitions, motorcycle stands, yacht displays, watercraft and aircraft – both historical and contemporary – as well as the paddocks hosting supercars, hypercars and prototypes.
What will make Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show unique is its dynamic soul, a real revolution in the Motor Show concept and a boost for car companies in introducing their latest projects; the highest point of this new format will be the Milano President Parade, the dynamic preview of the Monza exhibition, that will be a fusion of the innovative spirit of the event with the fashion and glamourous soul of the city.
Milan will be the stage of an exclusive parade on Wednesday June 17th 2020 showcasing world and Italian premieres driven by the manufacturers’ top representatives among the public, in an evocative route from Castello Sforzesco up to piazza Duomo. The new models will be displayed for car lovers and tourists in front of the iconic symbol of Milan until late at night, and will then leave from there directly to the Racetrack.
The day after, the Monza President Parade will take place on the Formula 1 circuit; it will represent the inauguration of Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show first edition on Thursday June 18th 2020. At the starting line there will be car companies’ delegates with the cars judged as the most representative of each brand. In addition to the newest cars, the parade will also see motorsport and heritage models.
From June 18th to 21st 2020 the Monza ENI Circuit will be transformed to welcome car lovers, who can already purchase entrance tickets on TicketOne and on (€20 standard ticket, €15 reduced-price ticket).
The racetrack will be illuminated with the colours of passion: car company’s latest cars, product ranges and premieres will be exhibited in Area Roccolo, a green open-air space wider than 60,000sqm. Each brand will exhibit the best of its production, all kinds of vehicles that will be available for the public. Test drives of every engine type – electric included – will leave from the paddock area and experience a city and cross-country itinerary, including the Formula 1 circuit and the old parabolic.
For the off-road lovers, an entire area will be dedicated to test drives of 4×4 of every brand, the Experience Off-Road, with different exercises driven by specialists.
Simultaneously in Milan, the Electric Cars Focus will take place from June 18th to 21st, the section dedicated to sustainable mobility being free for the public, with the possibility of test drives of all the electric and hybrid plug-in models, besides in-depth analysis and conferences on the environment, green motorization, motorsport components and micro-mobility.
The Monza paddock next to the pit garages will be dedicated to adrenalin-pumping supercars, hypercars and models that became great in motorsports; they will be exhibited by Car Companies and collectors in the Supercar Paddock and Motorsport Paddock from June 18th to 21st. The pit garages used by Formula 1 teams will hold conferences of the brands on the different genres of motorsports. The setting of the new Motor Show will be completed by areas dedicated to entertainment for the public and street food. Private collectors and supercars owners will be great protagonists of Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show; the programme provides parades, meetings and laps on the circuit, on both the parabolic and the Formula 1 track, standard bearers of the event’s dynamic spirit.
During the event, the streets and squares of Monza’s centre will be locations of events and meetings organized by clubs and collectors and, thanks to the co-operation of the Lombardy Region, the entire Lombardy area will be involved in the great celebration of the automobile from June 18th to 21st with parades, meetings and events.
The agenda of Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show confirms the inclusion of Gran Premio Parco Valentino, the tour for 200 selected crews among supercars and prototypes, which will take place on Sunday June 21st 2020 with the finish at the Formula 1 circuit.
Nine months before the inauguration of Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show, tickets are available on TicketOne. Purchase methods can be found on, as well as information and the agenda of the events.
Marco Tronchetti Provera, Executive Vice President and CEO Pirelli Group
“This event is another great opportunity that Milano was ready to catch, finding the natural venue in this city. Here many automobile manufacturers started history: Alfa Romeo, Autobianchi, Bianchi Automobili, Innocenti, Isotta Fraschini, Iso Rivolta. And also the such designers as Boneschi, Castagna, Carrozzeria Touring, Carrozzeria Sala, Zagato. Cars, technologies and people of an extraordinary season where Milano has been the star. Here was born our society, now it is almost 150 years ago, here are the roots of all its functions. As the research and development department, where Formula 1 tyres are designed, an open air lab for our technicians, but also the other product which put together performance, safety and sustainability. This is why we are proudly protagonists of this event which, thanks to the “open air” formula will be such a feast for Milano and Monza”
Andrea Levy, President Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show
“Both the Italian automotive system and territory provide a great challenge for the Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show, because we are proposing a format created to get the public closer to automobiles of every type and to make car companies able to exhibit the best of their production in a completely different and better way than at other international motor shows. The spectacular location of Monza racetrack allows us to take advantage of every area, dedicating each of them to the different elements of our motor show. Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show expects to attract 500,000 visitors to see the exhibition of more than 40 motor companies, plus dynamic parades of new products, Formula 1 and motorsport models, classic cars, supercars and prototypes at the racetrack. The crown jewel of our parades will be the Milano President Parade, the parade of premieres that will finish at piazza Duomo driven by car companies’ presidents next to members and representatives of the international headquarters, in the square which symbolises the city, the undisputed homeland of world fashion”.
Angelo Sticchi Damiani, ACI President
“The automobile is experiencing a true revolution. A total revolution. A revolution of its role in the mobility system; revolution in the fuelling, already moving towards electrification; revolution in safety terms, with technologies that are raising the standards at levels that were unimaginable until yesterday. A revolution of the relationship with the human being who will stay in the driver’s seat even if they won’t drive in person anymore. It’s clear that this total revolution also demands a revolution in the way in which the new protagonist of mobility is presented. A new format – more dynamic, livelier, faster, more thrilling – in a new place; the most dynamic, most lively, fastest and most thrilling of the areas dedicated to the automobile: the ‘Temple of Speed’, the ‘Monza Eni Circuit’ which the whole world envies us – the fastest and most spectacular circuit, also the most beloved by fans and enthusiasts all over the world. The Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show will be all of this. And ACI is proud to be part of it”.
Giuseppe Redaelli, President of SIAS Administration
“Monza Racetrack has been hosting motor events for almost a century and fundamental inventions in the automobile world have been developed on its track, like the guardrail and the Telepass. Every corner of the Racetrack echoes with automobile history. Many car companies tested their new models on the fast and straight lines of the Temple of Speed and through the vertiginous slopes of the Sopraelevate turns. The Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show will bring to Monza the best of the automotive world in order to show on the Formula 1 track the levels of excellence to which Italian creativity and initiative aspire. The Temple of Speed will be able once more to prove its great relevance and also its ability to host important exhibition and commercial events, in addition to the most prestigious car races”.
Corrado Lopresto, world famous architect and collector
Milan and Turin have been the capitals of the Italian automotive industry, where the greatest manufacturers and designers had their headquarters. The Motor Show will acknowledge this tradition with exhibitions and cultural events that show the public an incredible history of success and talents that made the Italian automobile immortal. There will be space also for a contest with the most beautiful vehicles of collectors from all over the world, and our idea with the inclusion of boats, airplanes and motorcycles to cars, is to be able to talk about the complete history of mobility and design”.

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