Mondo Motori Show

A beautiful sunny spring day has kissed the eighth edition of the event dedicated to the world of engines and bikes, scheduled for Saturday 28 and Sunday, March 29, 2015 at the Vicenza fair, occupying five pavilions for a total of 46,000 square meters of surface covered exhibition to which are added the 25,000 square meters of outdoor areas used as a show. Ample space was dedicated to the world of 4 wheels with 3 dedicated pavilions, while the world of 2 wheels was divided into 2 pavilions with the division between bikes and motorcycles.The first pavilion that is just entered is pavilion 7 dedicated to cars and houses all the most important brands of world motoring, both Italian and foreign, from the utilitarian to the dream car. Tesla model S, the Porsche Panamera S E – Hybrid and the Cayenne S E – Hybrid. They are the most admired by the public present.The big news of this new edition of Mondo Motori Show is represented by Hall 6, entirely dedicated to vintage cars and motorcycles. The glories of the past, preserved by collectors or restored by real masters, are on display to make the most nostalgic dreaming and arouse the curiosity of the youngest who have seen these cars only in photography or on period films.As for the racing world, the used, spare parts and accessories can be found in Hall 4, which will also be enriched by the presence of expert trainers, with the exhibition also of cars ready to race.The bikers and the fans of the motorized two-wheeler world find their size in Hall 1, designed to accommodate all types of motorcycles and industry news: from resistant and fast enduro-cross, to custom bikes customized according to taste and necessity, to the beautiful cafĂ©-racers, up to all tourism models.With regard to the two human-powered wheels, the bikes are the protagonists of Hall 2, where you can admire multiple models: hybrids, brand new electric bicycles, racing bikes, mountain bikes, downhill and city bikes.The adrenaline rushes fast in the area dedicated to live shows that welcomes professional stuntmen, quad and free style bikes. Jumping funambulists will impress visitors with breathtaking shows: spectacular rounds of death over 20 meters high and acrobatic flights that defy the laws of gravity.Numerous internationally renowned drivers have performed during the weekend; among these Daniele Serblin, a Venetian freestyler with a Guinness World Record obtained thanks to his performance called “The Circle of Fire” aired during the show “The show of records”; with him will also be present Vanni Oddera, protagonist of numerous records and striking victories. The two freestylers, assisted by their teammates of the Daboot team, have left the audience literally breathless and have defied the laws of physics performing in a mix of elaborate aerial tricks . The Umbrian-Abruzzese group of the Full Team, composed of leading figures of the sector known as Dr. Spalanca, Luca Tsp and Driftony, already admired during the TV show Italia’s Got Talent, have performed with evolutions based on quad stunts and a special drift bike. Also present was stuntman Didi Bizzarro, who grew up in the world of professional stunting, often engaged in CinecittĂ  and abroad as a stunt. Last but not in order of skill the Crazy Monkeys Team that participated in the event with the intent not only to leave the audience open-mouthed, but also to do good. Visitors to Fiera di Vicenza had the unmissable opportunity to test firsthand the thrill of taxi drifting: the funds raised will be donated to a kindergarten in the province of Vicenza that is currently in economic difficulty.And to conclude in beauty how not to mention the Offshore Club Valle dell’Agno that have created in a dedicated area a track with artificial obstacles for off-road through which to bring the public to such a spectacular sport even if unfortunately in Italy badly regulated if not even penalized.

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