Nicola Dutto at Dakar 2019

March 20th 2010

First special of the European Baja championship.

Tagliamento river.

A river that Nicola knows very well.

It all starts here. The story of a great man and his immense willpower. Along the way traveled thousands of times, arrived at the Tagliamento river here is an obstacle. Nicola does not see him and falls ruinously at 150km / h. Immediately hospitalized reports a trauma to the spinal cord that is torn. 10 hours of surgery and 4 transfusions were not enough for Nicola to avoid paralysis of the legs. We said willpower. A new challenge presents itself to our great champion. From that day on, after months of rehabilitation, Nicola gets “stronger” than before and goes back to running with a modified bike. A special saddle and a structure to which Nicola is literally linked. At his side his guardian angel named Julian Villarrubia who follows him and helps him get up in case of a fall. In 2012 Nicola returns to run the Baja Aragon in Spain, 24th overall. His first words at the arrival were “My mother, I do not believe it. From that day on, Nicola became the first paraplegic driver to compete with able-bodied. In 2013 back on the dirt roads of the Tagliamento as a pioneer of the Italian Baja. In 2013 he faces the tough competition in the Mexican territory called Baja 1000, making 3rd. In 2015 4th overall in the world Baja and 1st Italian. 2017 completes the Merzouga Rally and the Morocco Rally.A history of other times, in short …And now … now we are leaving for a new adventure that Nicola is preparing in detail. The proof of the tests. One name: Dakar.The race considered by all the riders to be the hardest race in the world that will take place in Peru in 2019.On July 18th a letter arrives in Cuneo … Etienne Lavigne, director of the Rally Raid Dakar has accepted Nicola’s inscription at the Dakar 2019.We therefore have to wait until January 6th and live every moment of this venture that we are sure will be epic.A big good luck to the great Nicola.

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