Pluto Trigger

Timing is everything. It is valid both in life and in photography. What a moment before was a child’s smile, an instant later could be the cry of the same child. The photographer must have the ability to capture the decisive moment, as Henri Cartier-Bresson said.

This ability depends first of all on the photographer’s sensibility: he must evaluate when what is happening to him is something worth capturing in a photographic shot. But it also depends on the use of specific tools, with which to manage particularly complex photographic situations, such as a thunder that illuminates the night or two drops of water collide.

That is an instrument like the Pluto Trigger, a real control system of the shot, extremely flexible thanks to many accessories and to the control through a dedicated app.

Accessing the site is like entering the country of toys. In fact, buying the “naked and raw” Pluto Trigger does not make any sense. First of all because we will need at least one click cable suitable for the camera or the cameras we own. But also because some accessories are absolutely unique, like the Pluto Valve, indispensable to dedicate oneself to the water drop photography. In addition there are also many other accessories, from support arms to radiofrequency triggers.

In the box of the Pluto Trigger, however, we find a lot ‘of things. First of all, we have the control unit, as small as it is crowded with controls, sensors and connections. Then we find the laser emitter, useful to activate the shot when an object is interposed on the beam of the laser itself. Any USB power supply, as well as any USB socket on our computer, is equally good for charging both the Pluto Trigger and the laser emitter.

A USB / microUSB cable for charging, a soft carrying case, a sheet with a minimum of indications and two connection cables: one for the flash and one for the camera. The latter will be the type that we have chosen at the time of purchase: in my case it is the one dedicated to the Canon 550D.

In the package of the Pluto Trigger the instructions are reduced to a leaflet with the only instructions on how to download the dedicated app. Fortunately, on the site we find complete instructions translated into Italian:

In fact without instructions we could find ourselves lost in front of the many possibilities of control of the shot. We can in fact make single shots, interval shots, delayed shots: HDR, time lapse, star trails are therefore easily manageable situations.

If you then bring into play the sensors of the Pluto Trigger and possibly even those of our smartphone, we can control the most diverse events: from the burst of a balloon to the passage of a wild animal.

Finally, it is necessary to have a minimum of photographic knowledge. You must know that it is better to use a macro, which serves the manual focus, which serves to close the diaphragm a lot, which serves a flash set to low power to have a flash of very short duration. Notions within the reach of anyone who ventures into speed photography, but whoever is a beginner will have to learn attempt after attempt.

So the Pluto Trigger helps a lot, but the bulk of the work remains with us.

The only limits are our imagination and our patience. In addition to luck, but a good photographer knows he must always take it into account!


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