Spring 2019 Italian Baja

Amerigo and Icaro Ventura, crew of the Yamaha Quaddy Team, win the first round of the 2019 season. Lorenzo Codecà and Mauro Toffoli, Suzuki, manage the placement on an unprecedented and challenging track.Luchini and Bosco third absolute with the Suzuki Grand Vitara between the Series Vehicles and the Suzuki Challenge. Bozano and Fedullo at the end of the TM Group on CanAm Maverik, Grossi and Manoni are imposed in the TH with the Range Rover,Vidor (TV), 3 March 2019 – Amerigo Ventura begins the Italian Cross Country Championship 2019. In the opening round of the season, held in Vidor in the Treviso area, where the eleventh edition of an Italian film was staged Baja di Primavera in a Venetian key, the young Turin rider extends the positive streak that is characterizing his still short career, punctuated by world victories and enriched by the title of Italian champion Side by Side in charge. He won fluently, paired with his brother Icaro, confirming the growth of complete driver, but even more confident and determined to pursue the maximum result. “It’s a first positive outing, of those victories with a bang. I’m really happy to share it with my brother, at the absolute debut “On an unpublished track, from twenty-four kilometers that require attention and do not admit mistakes, between steps on the Piave river banks, deep fords and sections with sand, in the “Dakariana” setting, the race began and lasted until milestone with Amerigo Ventura’s amazing leadership, joined by his brother Icaro on the Yamaha Quaddy Group T3. Codecà, paired with Mauro Toffoli aboard the Suzuki Grand Vitara accepts the challenge, try the attack but the treacherous bottom and characterized by deep holes lead him to milder advice. Pull the oars in the boat, not only in a metaphorical sense. Lower the pace and pressure on the accelerator. Use your head, more than your heart. It’s second and the smile hides bitterness, repeating that it’s okay. Accept the verdict and prepare for the next round in Sicily, at Baja Nebrodi.The Veneto lands are good for Andrea Luchini. The Tuscan of Barga, expert enough to make virtue his ability to push hard into the most appropriate traits and moments, those most suited to the characteristics of the Suzuki Grand Vitara of the Poillucci Team. In perfect harmony with the navigator Piero Bosco, the holder of the Island Motorsport adopts tactics wait in the first of the five selective sectors in the program, takes the measures, then begins the comeback from the third engagement onwards. The lap times improve, some opponents step aside, go to the T2 and the advantage over Alfio Bordonaro arrives at 1’43. Between the first and the second day of the race, also because of the change in the direction of the route, Bordonaro overcomes the problems related to the breakage of the rear differential and resets the delay from Lucca, but not enough to overtake it. The final of the race is one of those expected: in the last test Bordonaro realizes a great time, but Luchini reacts and maintains the leadership for only two seconds. At the finish line of Vidor Luchini is excellent third overall and first of T2 and Suzuki Challenge. Behind him for just two seconds, he is fourth overall and second of the T2 Alfio Bordonaro, paired with Marcello Bono on the Grand Vitara 1.9 DDiS of the Cram Racing Team, second also for the Suzuki trophy.With a study race in the first part, and another decidedly “faster” Andrea Castagnera hits the fifth absolute square. The Nissan Navara driver, along with Dennis Dorigo wins the T1.2 class, ahead of Andrea Tomasini, paired with Angelo Mirolo on Toyota Toyodell of which he is taking measurements, in front of Margherita Lops and Elisa Tassile on Isuzu DMax with problems of driveability.Seventh absolute places are Alessandro and Marco Trivini Bellini, with a sensible race to debut aboard the Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.9 DDiS with which they are third of the T2 and Suzuki Challenge, preceding the Scuderia Malatesta riders Mauro Cantarello and Cristian Darchi but also Chinti Marino Gambazza and Sandra Castellani of Cram Racing Team. Noni absolutes are Manuele Mengozzi and Erica Bombardini, slowed by a touch on the front right of Suzuki Grand Vitara.After the exploit of the bolognese Sergio Galletti, with Daniele Fontana Sacchetti to the notes, able to stand out even on an absolute level and lead the TH Group until the last fifth time trial where he had to retire due to a fire in his Toyota HD 80 At the top of the category, Simone Grossi and Daniele Manoni have joined Ancona, winning the race with the Range Rover Defender, ahead of De Nardi and Spiteri.In the TM Group, the Genoese Roberto Bozano is at the finish line of a fast race,paired with Bruno Fedullo, but conditioned by problems of shutdown of the Can Am Maverik engine. The debut of the UTV Legion is not the happiest, leading to the only Yamaha YzX evolved by Nicolò Algarotti who complained about the gearbox breakdown and a touch to the right rear wheel, while the second one deployed for Rubens Visconti stopped for an engine problem.

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