The pins of the world

Today I had the honor of meeting Juri Bertoldero. A really interesting person. But let’s take a small step back.

Who is Juri?

Juri is a Venetian boy who decided to live his life in an unconventional way. But not in the bad sense of the term, but he decided to live life to the full. How? Living in campers 365 days a year. A life as a fulltimer, a word that identifies a person who lives his life in a vehicle such as camper vans or caravans in such a way as to be able to move whenever he wants.
Juri has a Youtube channel called: The pins of the world. In this channel Juri tells his life and leads us to know places near and far from the Veneto.

When did you start this adventure?

The 12/25/2016
Yes, this adventure starts from before. But Juri’s real first night from fulltimer is just Christmas Eve.
Juri creates websites and this is an activity that does not need to be physically in an office. And this is reflected in the videos of Juri as it begins with: Let’s see what is my garden today or for example this is my restaurant today.
In fact, his living in camper leads him to move freely where he likes most and be able to decide what to do during a given day without being bound to schedules and places. And how to do for isolation and loneliness … Well that’s why Amy exists .

Who is Amy?

Amy is a pitbull who lives in a camper with Juri. Jokingly, it is also called CP or Dog Dangerous as the ladies of a certain age describe it. In reality it is of an infinite sweetness. Juri’s relationship with Amy is truly indescribable. In the time I spent together I had the opportunity to verify what transpires from the words of Juri in the various films, that is, an empathy and a symbiosis. She always looks for it with her eyes when she wants “permission” to do something. When he is in a camper, he is always by his side.

How would I describe Juri?

I believe the word that I can best describe Juri is: FREEDOM.
The reason for this freedom is given by this “nomadic” lifestyle choice that is increasingly sought by the new generations. With the advent of new digital technologies there is no longer a need for a fixed base to perform certain jobs. Just an internet connection. This new generation is called precisely Digital Nomads. And this new concept of work is applicable to a lot of work, from the photographer to the painter, from those who make products for the web such as sites, graphics, online courses, etc. …
In Italy, unfortunately, this style of life is not yet widespread, but this way of life is very present abroad in countries such as the United States or Southeast Asia.
Freedom we said. You freedom because in the digital age in which we find ourselves, an internet connection is found almost everywhere. And this increasing spread leads to freedom of movement.

If you want more information about this lifestyle, visit its Youtube channel: The points of the world

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