Volkswagen, magic T-Roc

Volkswagen has confidence in diesel, particularly believes in the thousand-year-old turbo, the Tdi with the selective catalytic reduction (Scr) from 115 horses. Homologated Euro 6d temp, this unit also arrives on the T-Roc, the first compact SUV (4.23 meters long) of the German giant, just over a year after its debut. The model was presented in Portugal in the late autumn of 2017, while the Italian marketing had begun at the end of January. It took only 12 months to declare the practically announced success of this car. And, they ensure from Verona, where the Italian headquarters of Volkswagen and the group is located, without penalizing the volumes of the Golf and the Polo. With the T-Roc, in short, Volkswagen has conquered new customers. Or, rather, those who had “betrayed” it have recovered because they could not do without a model with these characteristics (that of the SUVs is a segment that does not seem to know crisis and that pleases everyone: buyers and sellers) and of this size.

With this engine, new for the compact Suv, but not for the rest of the range, the offer is significantly enriched. Also because so far the only diesel solution on the price list was: the 2.0-liter 150-horsepower only 4Motion, i.e. all-wheel drive. The diesel that was missing completes a simple price list, divided into two parts, Style and Advanced, whose basic equipment is decidedly generous and helps to explain the price: from 23,100 euros for the entry level petrol (the three-cylinder turbo petrol Tsi from 1.0 liters and 115 horses) and 27,150 for the variant cheaper diesel.

The 1.6-litre Tdi has 250 Nm of torque, available at 1,750 rpm. The unit is an excellent upward compromise between performance and fuel consumption, as confirmed by the success achieved on other models, starting with the Tiguan. With almost 23 kilometers of declared distance per liter, this unit gives the T-Roc a great “family” charm: a first car that does not force big sacrifices. This possible aspiration is underlined both by the generosity of the interior spaces and by the capacity of the boot. It does not change and starts at 445 litres.

The maximum speed is 187 hours, more than enough even for long journeys without violating (too much) the highway code. The starting point from 0 to 100 per hour takes 10.9 seconds: no thrills, but the thrust is there and it is effective. Confirming the urban vocation of the Suv, the turbodiesel is listed only with the front wheel drive and is combined only with the manual transmission with six gears. Stable on the road thanks to the very successful Mqb platform, it has a reassuring trim even in the curves dealt with in a casual way and does not give sea sickness even to those who travel behind.

The basic equipment includes a double-tone body (four colours to choose from for the roof) with decidedly wild liveries that enhance the attractive lines of the T-Roc, 17-inch alloy wheels, the 8″ touch screen and a series of driver assistance functions. Like the fatigue detector, Front Assist, Advanced Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control.

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