WRX, Fia World Rallycross Championship: Franciacorta


Petter Solberg world champion

On a memorable day of sport, at the Franciacorta International Circuit, the Norwegian Petter Solberg makes the venture and conquers the first edition of the World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy.
The debut of the world championship rallycross could not really end in a better way. Tens of thousands of spectators to cheer on the crowded stands not only for “Hollywood” Solberg – this is the nickname of the Norwegian accustomed to giving a show in the car and out – but not especially for Gigi Galli, returning to an official competition after the accident that in 2008 forced him to abandon the world rallies. The Italian rider was the author of a truly fabulous return, missing the final for first place – reserved for the best six – for a position and a few seconds: he came fourth in his semi-final, also due to a problem with a shock absorber , which has delayed it considerably. Galli has recovered with the enthusiasm and skill that have always distinguished him and without that inconvenience he would have hit the result, impossible to predict on the eve, to enter the first six.

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